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Soccer academies

Soccer academies

Soccer academies is one of the best ways to improve the level of football. There are many different options.

All over the world there are many academies to choose from, so below we will try to help you choose the best option for each footballer.

Types of academies

It can be classified into different kind.

Private academies

These types of institutions are usually paid, it is a good option if we have a high purchasing power.

These types of centers offer better services than soccer club academies, because they have their business is in the academy and focus on the students of their centers.

It is the best option to improve football, also if we choose the right academy we will have more future opportunities, because they have agreements with many clubs.

Soccer club academies

There are all kinds of academies, both paid and scholarship.

The scholarship holders are more difficult to enter because there is a high demand, and you have to stand out from the rest so that a team gets interested and decides to include you in their academy.

There are football club academies that are paid, but it may not meet your expectations, because, their main objective is that the first team is the best possible. Moreover, they do not take much into account the paid academy, because they do not dedicate themselves exclusively to it.

Hybrid academies

These are private academies but they are licensed by a football club and are usually located in different countries of the home club.

This type of academy takes the best from the private one and involves a brand. It cares about the player because it is their main business and has the brand of a professional football team.

soccer field in academy
soccer field

It usually has a very strong link with a brand, so at the end of the program it is very easy to have a test at the club they are linked to. In addition, many of these corporations do not have exclusivity so they can present them to different team tests that are not related to their licensee.


To choose an academy it is vital to take into account the services it offers, these benefits will depend on the age or objective of each player.

For this reason, below, we detail the different options that must be taken into account when choosing the institution.


Logically it is the most important aspect for which it is decided to enroll in an academy. They usually have 1 or 2 daily trainings, if the main reason you enter an academy is soccer, you should be interested in this service.

It is necessary to know the methodology, the commitment or the quality of the coach. This will be the football training we receive.

Educational training

If the player is under 18 years old is so important. We do not have to ignore that we all need educational training, being a footballer is the goal, but what happens if we do not meet this goal?

We must have training that allows us to have a plan B, also for those under 16 years of age it is obligatory to study, either online or go to a classroom school.

Many academies offer language courses. It is important to know several languages. Since, if you are a footballer, they allow you to accept offers from clubs around the world and be able to communicate with the team’s players.

In case of not wanting to study, it is advisable to choose an academy that teaches the courses to be a soccer coach.

In this way, if due to injuries or not having opportunities to be a soccer player, the other option that remains is to be a coach and dedicate to football.


We will surely live together for a year with the same people, be it colleagues, coaches and tutors.

It is important for both parents and their children to know the tutors as soon as they arrive. So that if there is any problem during the year, they can contact the tutor and he or she can solve it.


Many academies are like shelters, that is, they sleep up to 10 people in the same room. Others have better facilities and are like hotel rooms that sleep 2 per room.

soccer academy
Soccer facilities

On the other hand, there are centers that have it all included, that is, they are like sports cities where the hotel and the soccer fields are in the same place, this is a valuable point.

Since the entities that have the facilities separate the football players usually spend most of the time on the bus.

Soccer Oportunities

Fundamental to the objective for which we enroll in a high-performance soccer center, the opportunities it offers us once we finish the program.

Many schools have agreements with other teams from this or a different country to bring them players so that they can test them with the aim of signing them for the following season.

Other services

This point will depend on the price of each academy, since, they can offer more or less services depending on the resources that it destines.

For example, some academies record the games and training sessions so that they can be observed by the coaches. After, players review it with the aim of improving and not making mistakes again.

On the other hand, GPS are good for fitness trainers to assess each player individually and get the best out of them.

choose football academies
Soccer players

The medical equipment that the centre has is essential for emergency services in case you need it.

Frequently asked questions about a soccer academy

Which soccer academy is better?

There is no single correct answer, there are many very good institutions. It will depend on the age, the objective and the type of person.

It is recommended to choose academies where soccer is the main sport and a culture of the king sport is lived.

Countries like Spain or England have academies where they form good players.

Is there a football academy for children?

High-performance centers normally do not accept players until the age of 12, because they are very young and their potential cannot be observed.

At this age it is recommended that they be enrolled in the football school near their parents’ home.

But, when they reach the age of 12, they can be enrolled in a football institution.

Are there any soccer academies for adults?

Yes, up to 23 years old you can join an academy.

After 23, they are usually soccer schools without residence, so they do not usually offer residence.

Is there an academy for girls?

Yes, there are usually more in the United States, but in countries like Spain there are currently more and more emerging.

Although at the moment almost all of them are mixed, that is, boys and girls share the program.

How can I try in a soccer academy?

In many cases, the centers that offer an annual residency program usually do winter or summer camps.

So these short programs it allows the player to get to know the institution, the coaches and the environment to know if it is the right option for him.