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Australian soccer league

Soccer australian league

The first soccer division in Australia is known as the Hyundai A-League, and formerly called the National Soccer League it is organized by the Australian Soccer Federation.

How does the Australian soccer league work?

It is made up of 11 teams, with 10 from Australia and 1 from New Zealand, and it is a single division, that is, there are no promotions or relegations.

The teams play a total of 26 matches (13 home and 13 away), although there are 29 rounds, since there are 3 breaks per club, therefore, there will be teams that face each other 3 times.

The Australian Federation is in charge of limiting places and deciding who will be the new members.

Football league in australia Hyundai A-League
Australian league players

After the regular season is over, the top six qualify for the title tournament.

The first and the second classified go directly to the semifinals and the rest face each other according to their classification (third against sixth and fourth against fifth) in a single game playing in the field of the best positioned. In case of a draw, it is passed to extra time and penalties.

Which teams play in Australian soccer league?

The teams that make up the Hyundai A-League are the following.

When does the Australian soccer league starts?

Normally the Australian soccer league starts around October and ends in April, although the grand final of the tournament for the title is played in May.

Curiosities of the Australian soccer league

Who has won the most titles in the Australian football League?

Melbourne Victory and Sydney FC teams have won 4 titles each, therefore they are drawn for championships.

Which confederation does the Australian soccer federation belong to?

asian football league

Although Australia is a country in Oceania, they belong to the Asian Football Confederation.

What is footy?

Footy has nothing to do with football (soccer), it is a sport similar to rugby created by Australians.

So we should be careful when looking for football in Australia, as we may come across information about the sport.

Which known soccer players have played in the Australian soccer league?

Del piero in australian soccer league

Many years ago players like Archie Thompson, Dwight Yorke or Ned Zelic participated. But more recent we have the cases of soccer players like Emile Heskey, Josip Tadic and Alessandro Del Piero.

Who is the New Zealand team that plays in the Australian League?

Logo Wellington Phoenix FC

Wellington Phoenix Football Club is the New Zealand team that has decided to play in the Hyundai A-League.

Who is the all-time leading scorer in the Hyundai A-League?

Besart Berisha leading scorer in australian soccer league

Besart Berisha, player who has played for Melbourne Victory FC and Brisbane Roar FC for over 100 goals.

How many players make up a Hyundai A-League soccer team?

Between 20 and 23 footballers must be on a soccer team in the Australian Football League, although it can be expanded to 26 footballers as 3 youth players.

In addition, there is a limit of 5 foreigners, of which 4 does not matter their situation and the fifth must have a temporary visa.

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