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Soccer player

Be a soccer player

The profession of fotballer is the dream of all of us who like this sport. To be able to play football and make a living from it.

What is a professional football player?

A professional football player is the person who makes football his livelihood. For that reason, he receive a remuneration that the club pay him for this work.

Moreover, a working relationship is maintained between the club and the player.

Characteristics of a soccer player

To be a professional football player you must have qualities, which can be seen in more detail in the article in the following image.

From what age can a professional soccer player be?

From the age of 16, a player can be a professional, since he can already have a contract and be paid for it.

Until what age can a professional footballer be?

There is no age limit, but it is true that many players decide to end their football careers over the age of 40, when the body can no longer perform at its best.

How much does a footballer charge?

The salary of a soccer player depends on many factors, such  as the country where he plays, the division within the same country  and the team..

There are leagues like Spanish LaLiga  (LFP) that has a minimum wage, therefore, a player who plays in the Spanish first division (the Santander league) cannot charge less than 155,000 euros.

Which soccer player gets paid the most?

soccer player

The footballer who charges the most is Leo Messi with approximately 100 million euros per season, you have to subtract what he pays for taxes, but the figures of the top players are very high compared to a worker in any profession.

How to be a professional football player?

The professional soccer player loves soccer, so this is an important aspect, since you have to have a high commitment and train practically every day.

If your name is not Leo Messi, it is difficult to know how to play soccer from one day to another, for this reason, the trainings that allow to improve your soccer level are important.

football player
Soccer players in a match

So, another step to be a professional player would be to sign up for a soccer team, which, allows you to train and play in a league. It is important that the coach is qualified or able to get the best out of you.

In the link of the previous images you can discover more about what skills you should improve and in case you do not have opportunities in your country or region, where you can search for these opportunities.

Which football player has the most trophies?

Top soccer player

Dani Alves is the football player who has more titles in this list of achievements, the captain of the Brazilian national team has played in Sevilla, FC Barcelona, Juventus and PSG, getting a total of 40 titles, which highlight his 3 champions league.

Who is the fastest football player in the world?

soccer player fastest

PSG striker Kylian Mbappé is the fastest player in the world at 36 kilometers per hour.

Other faster players are the Peruvian player Luis Advíncula, the Athletic Club player Iñaki Williams and the Welsh player from Real Madrid Gareth Bale.

Which soccer player has scored the most goals?

The soccer player with most goals is Josef Bican with 805 goals in 530 official matches.

Behind him is the soccer player for Brazil Romario with 772 goals and his mate Pelé with 767.