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Characteristics of a profesional footballer

Characteristics of a soccer player

To be a professional footballer you have to stand out from the rest of the players. To do so, you need to have a clear set of characteristics to improve both on and off the pitch.

In this article we will try to reveal point by point what a football player must take into account to reach his goal of being a professional soccer player.


It is possibly the most important and valued aspect in the short term. In a trial or test for a team it is the most appreciated, since only this characteristic can be assessed.

It will depend on the position of the footballer, that is, it is not the same to be a goalkeeper as a striker. Logically, the skills will be different.

There are many skills and many different combinations for a soccer player, but stamina is one of the factors that a player may need the most, since he has to endure the whole game or at least more than half without getting tired, since this It would mean not giving the best during the game or also having an overload and getting injured.

Normally, the players who play by band need to excel in speed, both the sides, lanes, bands or ends, to this is added another skill that depending on the team as it plays is more or less important than the centers.

The defenders and defensive midfielder are characterized by strength, an important ability to protect the ball.

For most players, especially for goalkeepers, agility and reflexes are essential.

Characteristics of a footballer
Ball Kick

In addition, of all these skills, a soccer player must have a minimum of quality in techniques such as passing, shooting, control or dribbling.

With all these skills, the football player has to beat the rival member, knowing the skill by which he can get rid of the opponent and control fatigue in order to give the highest level.

Team Play

Soccer is a team game, for this reason, you have to be a good teammate. Getting along with our partners on and off the field can make it difficult for us to be good footballers.

Keep in mind that professional football players tend to have a lot of ego. But soccer players who get along with teammates are well recognized by the public and scouts.

Otherwise, a complaint from the player on the field, such as a ball that has not passed us, can make us be considered arrogant or selfish and could harm us both with colleagues and with the soccer fans.

Remember that we all make mistakes, therefore, it is also human to ask for forgiveness and to see before for the team that, due to individualism, is an example of a good professional.


The life of the footballer is not just about signing autographs, playing games, lifting trophies and going out to party. You must have a lot of discipline to perform well during the game.

You have to have a good physical preparation, for that you have to train hard every day and rest for as long as necessary to avoid injuries. For this reason, all teams in the first and second divisions of the major leagues have a physical trainer.

Nutrition is another important aspect within the discipline of a football player, we are what we eat and there is no point in training hard and eating a lot of fat, as the body has to perform at its best on the day of the match.

Finally, you have to keep your mind on football and never on other things that prevent you from being disciplined and focused on the goal, such as partying when the situation does not require it.


Psychologists in the team are increasingly important, this is because the psychological aspect is important. A very common phrase is “football has streaks” or “You always have to go through a bad streak”, many times an unmotivated team can lose many games in a row.

On the other hand, a motivated footballer can feel safe on the pitch and gain the coach’s confidence.


Important aspect in the captain of the team, they have to step forward ahead of the rest of the players.

Characteristics of a soccer player

Be careful, you have to know if within the team we can provide this characteristic, otherwise if there are several leaders within the squad it can be a negative aspect.


The character has to be controlled by the player, a bad character with the partners can make the relationship with them difficult. On the other hand, a bad character during the match or training can lead to a expulsion.

You only have to show your character with the ball, for this reason, this skill must be controlled at all times and you must know when to take it out.

Think and act

We said earlier that reflexes is important with the goalkeeper, but also for the player. He has to be attentive at all times where the ball is and when we have the ball think and act quickly.

Poor control or acting a second later can cause the ball to be lost. Intervening late when the opponent has the ball can lead to a dangerous foul, a penalty, a card or even a expulsion.


This characteristic is the only one that cannot be practiced or improved, because each person has a physique. But probably since childhood, the coach according to the football player’s physique puts him in one position or another.

Characteristics of a football player
Ball control

Currently, goalkeepers and defenders are usually high, the defensive midfielder strong, the ends short and fast and there are all kinds of forwards.

The physique is usually not very important, possibly it is the least worrying in the football environment as long as the player is fit.


You have to show a good attitude both in the game and in training, surely a ball is lost, but you have to fight for it until it can no longer be.

All fans, scouts and coaches value the attitude, the behavior when he has the ball or not, the spirit with the rival players or the same team and the posture when he is substituted.

Characteristics of a soccer player

A bad mood can negatively affect the footballer

All these aspects are important to take into account and improve as soccer players.

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