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Soccer professional

Soccer professionals

Dedicate to football without being a football player

Those who play football as children dream of being a footballer sometime, but most of them stay along the way. For this reason, they can be soccer professional.

There are different options to dedicate to soccer that you can see on this page.

Types of work in football

Soccer is not only made up of football players, since they need professionals behind who are in charge of making the sport of football the best sport in the world. In the following images you can see more detailed information about these works and how you can become one of them.

How to work in a professional football team?

There are different ways to work in a professional club and be a soccer professional, the most common is after having the graduate or master degree of the specialty in which you want to work, and take a little experience.

You can find an opportunity through contacts that we have, these can be done through the master’s degree or some teacher.

You have to be patient, because normally you will not work directly in a first division team, you have to carve out a future, for this reason you have to have experience or gradually move up within the club.

dedicate to football without being footballer
soccer office

To work in the place you like, you must have a bit of luck, moreover be in the right time and place.

Once you’re working, you need to demonstrate your skills and abilities. in addition to continue to be training to improve professionally and be one of the best in your place of employment.

What to study to work in a soccer team?

This will depend on what you want to do, there are many jobs within a football team as you can see in the pictures above.

Our recommendation is that if you want to dedicate yourself to management (player representative, marketing department, operations…) you study a graduate such as Business Administration and Management, Marketing, Economics. After that, you can do a master’s degree to specialize in sports or football.

soccer professional

If, on the other hand, the profession you want is more aimed at the sciences, you can study a degree in nutrition, psychology or sciences of physical activity and sport, like the previous point, to specialize should consider specializing in the world of football.

There are other ways, such as if you want to be a field gardener, but in short no way is easy, since, you have to study, strive, show worth and be at the exact time and place to be able to immerse yourself in this field.

Are languages ​​important for working in football?

Of course it is, the football framework is very global, all of the main clubs have players of different nationalities, in addition, if you are a club worker or representative of a player there may be meetings with other teams from different parts of the world.

Jobs in a soccer team

The soccer professional is normally a bussines person who dedicate to soccer.

The best known are the players, the president, the coaches and the referee, although they are one of the most important actors and they are not the only ones.

On the playing field we find physical trainers, sports physicians and psychologists, nutritionists, analysts and the delegate.

football professionals
Monchi, Guardiola, Florentino and Mendes

Near the field we have the general manager or operations manager, institutional director or ambassador, press director, security, gardener, match day manager and protocol manager. These have their main function especially on the day of the game or to prepare for the game.

Those responsible for managing the players and making the transfers are the representatives of the players, the scouting team and the sports director.

Those who take care of other club affairs and are not usually with the players are the marketing, legal department, retail and licensing team, human resources department.

Finally, we find journalists, monitors for the youth players, cooks and all the staff that lives indirectly from football or a club.