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Equipment manager

Equipment manager

What is a equipment manager in soccer?

The equipment manager in a soccer team is the person in charge of preparing and taking care of all the material that the players need, from boots to balls and luggage.

Function of the soccer equipment manager

He is the person in charge of performing the following functions:

  • Prepare all the material when there is a displacement.
  • Distribute all the material in the locker room, both in the players’ lockers and be aware that nothing is missing.
  • Care of boots, official and training luggage.
  • Have more official game clothes ready, as well as each bib in case the player has to change his shirt during the game.
  • The washing of all clothes for later use by the player.
Equiment manager
The equipment manager is in charge of this material and other

As it has been observed, a kit man has enough functions and all of them of great importance. So that, the team does not lack anything and can focus on the game.

How to be a kit man in a football team?

Many kit mans do not have studies or are very basic.

This is because most of them are footballers who have not been able to become players for various reasons, such as an injury that has had to permanently remove them from the playing fields and they decide to be equipment manager.

Kit man soccer
Valencia CF Kit man

Therefore, it is not necessary many studies, only to be responsible, organized and to dedicate to soccer or to have dedicated, since, the contacts for this work are important.

The importance of the equipment manager

Many footballers have a high degree of trust with the player.

They are the only ones within the team who do not demand from the soccer players, but are with them and assist them with all the things they need.

They are the first to enter the locker room. Because of they have to leave and order all the material. Moreover, the last to leave because they have to later collect everything that the players leave.

Equipment manager in soccer
Changing room

Not all people serve as kit man, because they spend many hours at work and have to make all the trips to games. Therefore, it is a very sacrificial job.

The equipment manager are not usually recognized, because they work in the shadows.

Finally, we should give more value to this work, because it allows a football team to enjoy the game without material setbacks and to have everything they need at all times.

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