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Soccer Coach

Be a soccer coach

Being a soccer coach is the way to feel like a soccer player again, since you live the competitive environment on the field of play, but without having to play, but teaching all the knowledge and forming a team.

How to be a soccer coach?

Years ago, to be a football coach you only needed to know someone from the club to be able to train a team.

Nowadays, due to the fact that the world of football has become more professional, it is necessary to obtain a degree to be able to train a team.

To be a soccer coach you need to complete different studies depending on the level you want to train.

Soccer coach
Soccer coaches Pioli y Mourinho

You can get the license through two different ways and depending on the federation the two ways can be validated. The two different ways to get the title of coach are through the federation or academic.

It should be noted that there are 3 levels in the two titles, although it seems that for each time they are getting more or require some more basic titles to take the title.

Academic Way

If you choose the academic way at the end of the course you will have the title of sports coach in soccer.

They are official sports education, since the corresponding sports institutions regulate this title.

Requirements to obtain the title

It should be made clear that depending on the country there are different requirements or studies, but normally they are the following.

Football coaches
Soccer coaches Guardiola, Setién y Zidane

In order to be able to study the first and second level, it is necessary to be 16 years old and the basic studies.

In addition, to do level three it is necessary to take university preparation courses or an intermediate level course.

Although UEFA is not in favour of this title, it has been demonstrated that it can be validated by UEFA or federation degrees.


Depending on the level, but the average number of hours of class is 320, and 135 hours of practice in football clubs. In addition, a specific first aid course must be taken.

Federation Way

To be a soccer coach by uefa

Choosing the federation way you get the coach soccer diploma.

This is the easiest way to obtain the UEFA license. The 3 levels are called UEFA A, UEFA B and UEFA pro.

Requirements to obtain the federation diploma

The first and second level, you must have the compulsory basic studies of each country.

You may be asked to demonstrate your soccer experience or a short curiculum in case there is a lot of demand.


Approximately 80 hours of practice in football clubs and 220 hours of theoretical classes.

Comparison between title by federation or academic

The academic title also allows you to be a sports director, and they also allow you to enter the university afterwards.

On the contrary, the federative title you can train throughout Europe and with the academic title you may have problems to validate the title, it will surely be validated, but there will be many paperwork and delays to get it.

To be a football coach
Soccer coach as Pochettino, Conte y Benítez

In both options there may be access by physical tests.

Curiosities about soccer coach

Who was the first soccer coach?

Nobody knows who was the first, but in the beginning of football, the coach was a player of the team, which is now the figure of captain.

Later, retired veteran footballers became coaches until what has evolved and now it is necessary to study to become a first division team manager.

Who is the highest paid soccer coach?

Top earning football coach

The highest paid coach is Atlético de Madrid coach Diego Simeone “El Cholo”, with an income of approximately 41 million euros.

Who is the best soccer coach in history?

The best coach in football

There will be many opinions, but according to France Football, the best coach in history is Rinus Michels.

Who is the most successful football coach in history?

Soccer coach who has won the most trophies

Former Manchester United coach Alex Ferguson is the coach with the most official titles with a total of 49 trophies.

Can I be a soccer coach without being a soccer player?

Yes, but it’s a difficult task if our goal is to reach the top flight. As an example we have the former coach of FC Porto and Chelsea among others, André Villas-Boas.

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