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Soccer school

Soccer school

Difference between club, school and football team

Many times we mix these concepts without knowing their difference, for this reason it is necessary to know how to differentiate them.

A football club is a private association formed by legal or natural persons who aim to promote their teams and reach the highest possible level. They are financed through ticket sales, sponsorships and the members themselves. For example, all first division teams are usually football clubs.

soccer school
School and team

A football school tries to improve the skills and abilities of the players and therefore takes care of the development of the person as a footballer.

They are financed through fees paid by the players who make up the school. For example, the football school that may exist in a village or a neighbourhood.

Both the club and the school are made up of teams, which are usually separated by category, age and level.

Non-profit football school

You can not create a football school as a business, because it’s like the education a player receives on the pitch. So you have to look after the player and develop his skills and never for the money. This is why the non-profit football schools are created.

Football schools
Soccer schools

In fact, many schools have losses and are compensated by the city council or the sports department.

Formative Soccer

They usually have boys and girls of all levels and all ages.

Soccer schools for children from 3 to 5 years old are the most sought after by parents who want their children to dedicate themselves to this sport of soccer. Many times it is an error, since the reverse effect can occur.

soccer school
children play football

For both children and young people from 18 to 20 years old, it is a formative football that improves the performance of players on the field.

Lately, women’s soccer schools are increasing, this is because women’s soccer is constantly growing and in countries like the United States, the number of girls who practice this sport almost exceeds that of boys.

We have said that it is a formative football and no matter the competition, many people see it as a hobby and like to practice this sport. Even when they are older, for this reason, there are football schools for adults.

Most of them are in the evening so that after work they can play sports and forget about work.