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Soccer tryouts to play in a team

Tryouts to play in a soocer team

Soccer tryouts are a test, which usually lasts a few days, which is carried out with the aim that scouts, academies or clubs attract players to play in a professional soccer team.

In the past, soccer tryouts were used by most teams to find talent with players who were not known.

But currently, many players already have videos with which to prove their worth.

Apart from that, many clubs have their scouts so there is no need to do trials to capture players with high potential.

This is the reason why professional football teams organize fewer and fewer games.

it is more common to see these tryouts in smaller teams from lower divisions or in academies.

Talent agencies or some representatives organize these visories when they lack a portfolio of players in specific positions to offer to different teams.

The agencies are interested in finding good footballers so that the team can sign him and take a commission from them.

How to pass a soccer trial?

Once we have everything ready to participate in this test, we must know what it takes to be one of the best to be noticed.

If you click on the following image you can see some tips to pass the tryout.

Where to do soccer trial?

The countries that most offer tryouts in soccer are the United States, England and Spain.

Therefore, it is interesting to look for the most beneficial in these countries.

How to get soccer tryouts?

First of all, there are two ways to get football tryouts.

The first option is that the footballer plays in a football team and a scout looks at him.

At the end of the game, the scout will usually approach a representative of the club so that he can contact his parents or the legal representative of the player.

Soccer tryouts

The scout will most likely offer him a tryout on one of the teams.

The second option is that the player looks for football trials on the internet or somewhere else in order to play in a professional football club.

There are several options and they are usually organized in different countries, for this reason you have to choose the one that interests you the most.

Trusting the trial in football

Many trials are paid, so be careful with companies that offer this type of service, because some may be scams.

For this reason, on this page you can see some tips for detecting which recruitment tests we can trust.

As you can see above, there are two types of ways to access a trial.

If a scout or representative approaches us to offer us a paid trial, we have to ask them for the license and get references from the agent.

football trials
football touches

This is because there have been years of scammers sending letters offering this service, if they deposit the money and then there is no one behind it.

In addition, in the previous case it is difficult for a scout or team to consider incorporating the player to charge him.

On the other hand, if we look for a proof through the Internet. We have to see the information, who organizes it and if there are positive references from the company.

When are the soccer tryout?

Normally they are in the middle and end of the season. That is, there may be some in January and when there are more movements it is from June to August.

Many times they take advantage of the trials to incorporate the soccer player in the preseason of the team and decide if he was a good player for the team or discard him.

Can you ask me for videos for the tryouts?

Yes, in some trials it is necessary a video presentation and showing the skills and drills that the player have in order to be selected or not.

football tryouts
football match

For this reason, many academies record games so that their players can have tests.

How likely is it to be selected?

Once the tryout is done, the probability will depend on many factors. For example, in which company or institution you perform it, how many players there are and how many scouts or teams there are.

Typically, the percentage ranges from 1% to 10%.