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How to pass soccer tryouts

How to pass soccer tryouts

The soccer tryouts are an important moment in the life of the soccer player. Since, it is the test by which his worth is judged and to be able to play in a professional football team.

To be able to pass the football trials is very difficult. But in this article we will try to give some tips to impress the scout, coach, soccer team or recruiter who evaluates in the recruitment tryout.

Recruitment tests usually have 2 phases, the match and the interview.

During the match

This is the first phase, we will be judged by our performance on the pitch. We must take into account the following characteristics.

passing the trials
Football match


To be in soccer tryouts you must have a minimum level necessary with the ball. That is why, This aspect the scouts take for granted.

An ability that stands out from the rest can be the turning point to in winning over a recruiter.

The basic skills for all football players are knowing how to control the ball, shooting accurately, defending the ball when necessary, dribbling without taking the ball away from you.

Plus you have to take into account that not only the skill with the feet, but also the skill with the head in both the shot and the clearance.

The rest of the skills will depend on the position in which you play, for example, a wing player in a soccer tryouts will be valued for speed, while a midfielder will possibly be evaluated for his ability to calm the game or his distribution of play.


You have to know when to run and when to stop, not by running anymore we will pass the soccer tryout.

An accumulated fatigue at the end of the game can make us fail at the last moment. The game lasts 90 minutes and we have to give everything, but we have to know the capacity of our body.

Pass the football trials without fatigue

In addition, an overload or an injury during the match in soccer tryouts can make them reject our candidacy and spoil everything.

It must be shown that we are fit and that we are capable of giving our best on the field without getting injured and fatigued as little as possible.


We must be clear about our position in the field.

If we are a centre-back and the striker comes to us and catches us in midfield while he is facing the goalkeeper it means that we have done something wrong and we will be judged.

Otherwise, if we are a striker and a cross has been produced to finish off and we are not in the area it will also be assessed negatively.

It’s important to know when to press the ball out and when to back off, to read the game well and each move individually. Recruiters will examine whether you can beat every play.

It’s a mistake to think that we are only scored when we have the ball, most scouts in the football trial follow up on the position and unscore them or the defense we make when we don’t have the ball and want to keep the position.


We refer to the ability to react, that is, to get to the ball before the opponent and take it off with a simple gesture.

Controlling the ball knowing what your next action will be makes the opponent not expect it, for this you have to practice a lot, because you may do before thinking and cause a loss of the ball.

Pass the soccer tryouts
soccer match

Give the highest level

When we talked about managing fatigue before, we didn’t mean that we are not going to give our best effort but that we are going to do our best but controlling our body.

We are facing a soccer trial for which many people prepare for a whole year, so we have to give the maximum in soccer tryouts.

They are not going to give us anything and they have to see the things we are capable of doing and that we have no limits.

You can’t see everything we are in a match, but the scouts know what they want and if you show it you have more chances of being seen.


Recruiters know that the test is very important to us. Therefore, if they see us unmotivated or playing reluctantly on the field. It denotes that we do not care about the test and therefore, we will not try hard if we play in the club.

Pass the football tryouts
Two players fighting for the ball

You have to be active and motivated at all times, the normal thing is to lose a ball, for one or several badly made plays they will not judge us, so do not be discouraged and keep going.

Control the nerves

All players will be nervous, so we don’t have to worry about our nerves. We are all chasing the same dream.

Don’t think that you are being evaluated, just think that it is a match with your teammates and you have to do your best to impress your friends.


As soon as you arrive to the football trial, try to communicate with the rest of the soccer players, talk to the coaches.

Remember that nobody knows each other, and it’s a good way to get to know all your teammates and you may find an opportunity in one of them in the future.

Passing the soccer tryouts
Soccer match

Teammates in tryouts don’t have to be rivals, recruiters may be looking for players from different positions. So, during the conversation you can get to know a bit more and see how you can help him on the pitch and how he can do it.

In addition, talk on the field while the game is in progress. Ask for the ball, warn that you are unmarked or warn the player, who has the ball, that the opponent is coming. This kind of communication is important because by not knowing your teammates you avoid misunderstandings.


Try to have a good attitude and make the most of it.

If you’re defensive, stand your ground and show leadership. Scream to get the offside line.

If you are a midfielder, lead the game, look for unmarked teammates and distribute the game.

If you’re a striker, look for the offside and try to get the ball into the opponent’s area to face the goalkeeper.

Respectful towards teammates and rivals

Be nice and try to greet teammates before and after the game, like all games.

In case you make a foul, apologize to the opponent, during the game do not face another rival, as this may cause the recruiters to reject you for misconduct.

Pass football tryouts
Soccer player

During the Interview

The footballers who stand out the most will have an interview with the scouts or coaches they like the most. All the players do not pass this phase, therefore, it is necessary to take care of the forms, since it is the last step.

The recommendations for this phase in soccer tryouts are detailed below.


During the interview, the coaches may remind you of game plays, be smart, you don’t always have to be right, and a play may be resolved in different ways.

Show him how you see football, if he has selected you it is because you have impressed them with the way you play.


Soccer teams want to see committed people. Tell why you want to dedicate yourself to soccer. Try to avoid topics like “it’s my dream” or “I want to be famous.”

Remember what is the reason why you continue playing soccer that will possibly be your answer.


In a soccer field the player shows his personality without realizing it, if there is an experienced scout he is able to see it the first time.

For this reason, try not to be the person you are not. Be yourself, in the end they choose you for the footballer you are and not for the one you want to be.


This point is harder for scouts to detect if you’ve played for small teams, but remember that the world is a small place and try to take care of your reputation, both on and off the field.

Beware of social networks, teams want people who are dedicated to football and not influencers.


You may be asked which teams you’ve played on and stats for each season.

Pass the soccer trials with the curriculum

Do not lie, since many agents have access to many databases and will soon discover who you are.

Ambition with humility

Every soccer player wants to win the Champions League and play on his country’s national team. Try not to fall into the topic of saying that you want to become the best in the world.

Be ambitious, since it is a trait that most soccer players have, but with humility. Look where you are and see that you can work hard to get where you want.

Are you a problem soccer player?

No team wants a problem player in their squad, it shows that you have not had problem in your short football career.

It is possible that they can call your old club to make sure and ask for references, this is why the soccer trial is not only 1 day, but that all your soccer life since childhood you are working and proving your worth.


There are many football trials and each one aimed at a different target and with different scouts. If you are not selected, do not lose hope or motivation.

Passing soccer trials
playing a match

Remember that many players who currently play in professional football have been rejected at some point, therefore, try to continue working.

Many times you have to have the luck factor of being in the right place and at the right time, do not give up and after having seen this tip.

Trust yourself, put on your boots and go out and show what you are worth in soccer tryouts. Good luck!.