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Soccer tryouts in Spain

Soccer tryouts in Spain

The Spanish league, together with the Premier league, is one of the leading countries in the world of soccer. In LaLiga there is a lot of potential, for this reason many players want to play in these Spanish teams and doing soccer tryouts in Spain.

You can read how to pass soccer tryouts in order to play in a professional football team.

Next, we provide you with a detailed list of the main Spanish teams that offer soccer tryouts to become professional football player.

Atletico de Madrid soccer tryout

Soccer tryouts in Spain. Atlético de Madrid

Atlético de Madrid is a Spanish soccer club, founded in 1903.

Players such as Lucas Hernández, Koke, Thomas, Oliver Torres and the boy who came to dazzle all Anfield Fernando Torres have been formed in the subsidiary of this team.

You can do a soccer tryout in Atletico de Madrid.

Who can register for the Atletico de Madrid football trials?

Every year, they have a serie of tests for soccer players from the age of 6.

FC Barcelona soccer tryout

Soccer tryouts in Spain. FC Barcelona

Football Club Barcelona does not need a presentation, this club founded in 1899, is one of the best in the world.

La Masia is one of the best quarries, its methodology makes players like Leo Messi, Andrés Iniesta, Xavi Hernández and Gerard Piqué come out.

Not only these players but also their coaches stand out. For this reason, you can do a soccer tryouts in the best team of Spain.

Who can register for the FC Barcelona soccer tryout?

The football trial for FC Barcelona are aimed at children born between 2009 and 2014.

What is the football trial at FC Barcelona?

The visors will consist of 3 parts:

  • Warming up
  • Match
  • Back to the calm

In case you are a goalkeeper, a specific trial is done. Doing a Getafe soccer trial.

Getafe CF soccer trial

Soccer tryouts in Spain. Getafe CF.

Getafe CF is the revelation team of the Spanish league, founded in 1963.

As this team calls it, the tryouts take place both in Madrid (Spain) and in other parts of the world. The trials for this club are usually paid as is the academy.

Who can register for the Getafe CF football trial?

Students players born between 2004 and 2007.

What are the soccer tryouts for Getafe FC?

It is usually 3 days, the first two of them are trainings, when the skills of each player are observed, and the last day is the match, when each player has to prove his worth.

Levante UD football trial

Soccer tryouts in Spain. Levante

Levante UD is a Spanish team founded in 1909.

This team has an international academy section. An introductory video may be required to access the academy.

Who can register for the Levante UD soccer tryouts in Spain?

Soccer players from 10 to 18 years old.

Real Madrid football trial

Soccer Tryouts in Spain. Real Madrid

Real Madrid is the team with the most titles in the world championship, founded in 1902.

The club’s youth system is possibly the one that brings most players to the elite, and among them are Iker Casillas, Juan Mata, Samuel Eto’o, Álvaro Morata.

If you want to play in this team, you can do a Real Madrid soccer tryouts.

Who can register for the Real Madrid soccer trial?

Soccer players born between 2007 and 2013.

Real Betis football tryout

Soccer trials in Spain. Real Betis

Real Betis Balompié is a Sevillian team that has won several Spanish King’s Cup titles throughout its history. Founded in 1907.

Who can register for Real Betis football trial?

Children born between 2006 and 2013.

Sevilla FC soccer tryout

Soccer tryouts in Spain. Sevilla FC

Sevilla Football Club is a club that has recently won several European titles. Its foundation is in the year 1890.

Players like Sergio Ramos and Jesus Navas have been formed in the lower teams of this club.

You can do a Sevilla football trial in different countries.

Who can register for Sevilla FC soccer trial?

Children born between 2004 and 2009.

UD SIA Beniganim football tryout

Soccer tryouts in Spain. UD SIA Beniganim

UD SIA Beniganim is a Spanish third division team, it is the most humble than the rest of the list, but we include it in this list for being a training team that bets on U23 players.

What are the soccer tryouts in Spain for the UD SIA Beniganim?

It consists of 5 days of training to get to know the teammates and the environment, and the last day of the match.

Spain Soccer Tryouts

You have to be careful, since, for example, in this list clubs like Sevilla or Real Betis Balompié, you have to have a residence in this city. Otherwise the other options may offer accommodation.

On the other hand, you can prove in another country and doing england soccer tryouts.

In Spain where soccer is like a religion, many academies offer proof of payment, so it may be another way if you are rejected by soccer clubs.

You have to do a professional soccer tryouts, if you want to play in a football club.

If you want to play in the spanish league and you don’t have contacts, it is recommended that you do a soccer tryouts in Spain.