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Soccer is the sport king in many countries, it is capable of paralyzing a country and most children want to be soccer players.

Footstrick was born to help people to have quality information and to be able to dedicate themselves to football professionally, whether as a player, coach, referee, coach, representative or other staff.

Different ways to dedicate to football

To dedicate yourself to the world of this sport is not only to be a famous player in more important countries, but there are different options.

Become a soccer player

All footballers have played football since childhood and there are different paths to becoming a professional.

In the following images you can see more information about the different options that exist to dedicate to football.

Professions in the world of football

Since childhood many soccer players dream of working in the world of  football,most of them if you ask them want to be players, but this is not the only way to live from football,  then you can choose the option you would like to dedicate yourself.

Countries to dedicate to football

Many football players want to succeed in the most powerful leagues such as the Premier League, LaLiga,the Calcio league or in their countries, but there are many more places – which can be seen by clicking on the image below – to dedicate themselves to the world of soccer.

WHhy dedicate to soccer?

First of all, it is a hobby that many people have, they start playing in the fields of their villages and watching the games on television.

We all want to be like Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo players, earn a lot of money and be famous, this is the dream of millions of children.

But 99% of people do not fulfill their dream of being a footballer, for this reason, we must not be discouraged, because there are other ways to consecrate themselves as one of the best in this field and not exactly as a player.

How has football become what it is today?

People have liked football a lot for years, but there are many stories that make it great.

The origin

Soccer is created by England in 1863 through the Football Association (FA), for this reason the league cup in England is known as the FA Cup.

Although  a Paraguayan documentary called “The Guarani invented football” shows that it was invented by the Guarani in the 15th century.

Dedicate to football
A soccer match many years ago

Either way, football as we know it has now changed a lot from its beginnings to these times.

Logically, the base remains the same, you play the ball with your feet, there are two goalposts where the goal is to put the ball in the opposite goal and who scores the most goals wins.

The evolution

In the early years, this sport was only a hobby to have a good time, but since Fergus Suter earned his first salary in Darwen and became the first professional soccer player in history, the football environment has changed to become a very well-paid job for many today.

Later, there began to be representatives of footballers, presidents who have large companies, coaches (because at first, this figure was not known), sports directors…

In addition, not only England is a pioneer in modern football, since in 1973 the Eintracht Braunschweig in Germany, became the first team to wear a sponsored shirt (Jägermeister, it was the liquor drink it sponsored this team). The world of marketing and business in this sector began.

First sponsored shirt on a soccer team
Jägermeister fisrt shirt sponsored from Eintracht Braunschweig

For many years now, there are more and more doctors with footballers, physical trainers, nutritionists, gardeners are becoming very important both in the stadiums and in the training camps.

dedicate to soccer
Soccer match today

For all these reasons and the way we see that it has evolved, if you are not a good footballer, you should not be discouraged, because on this website you can see all the options that there are to dedicate yourself professionally to soccer.